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Ok so according to Drudge the AZ. Governor has scolded Barack Obama once his flight landed in Phoenix Arizona…. Reports say the Governor and President Obama could be seen having some kind of heated exchange… I would have loved to been a fly on the shoulder of Obama on this one….ROFLMFAO….

Apparently he didn’t like the book she wrote “Scorpions for Breakfast


The 2012 return of The STR w/Steven Bravo has been put into motion! The anticipation has been building along with some nerves!


Join us as we take on the far left & right radicals! We will be talking about why Ron Paul is a dangerous man even more dangerous than Barack Obama! Also who is Newt Gingrich? Whose side is he on? Does he want to defeat the left wing extremist Barack Obama or does he want to see him to a 2nd term? Plus the New Hampshire Debates that took place on 1-7-2012 will be discussed this and so much more on The STR!


Dress Code: Members should dress appropriately which has traditionally been considered to include a coat and tie for male Members and appropriate attire for female Members. Members should not wear overcoats or hats on the Floor while the House is in session. There is no eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted. The use of personal electronic equipment, including cellular telephones and laptop computers, is banned on the Floor of the House (clause 5 of Rule XVII).

But hey, Barney’s never let rules get in his way (I’m fairly certain it’s illegal to have a prositution ring run out of one’s apartment in Massachusetts, for instance), so why should anyone be surprised by this spectacle?  Mediaite has video of Frank’s, um, perky speech.

OWS Ted calls in to ask Rush why it is ok to pitch a tent in front of a store like best buy

or a walmart. But college kids protesting get military grade pepper spray.

What people fail to realize is that the stores are PRIVATE property… Same with Zuccotti park

and Universities!

When you confront Liberals and use pure fact and truth this is the reactions you get from them. All they can do is resort to some pathetic name calling showing their true ignorance at the subject in hand.  Notice the tweet from Ester that says I have been Blocked. This is typical Liberal behavior when they are confronted with facts they go into what you call a trance like state. But it is not Ester I have an issue with it is the failed liberal’s he/she believes in…

A Liberal who becomes politically frustrated starts to break down they start to just say random things. Once they finally realize their ideas are useless and mundane. They become what you call closet case Republicans like Dan Savage I bet when he is alone in the voting booth he quickly votes for a Republican.

Appearing on HBO’sReal Time” with Bill Maher, the syndicated columnist expresses his deepest desires for Republicans.

This is the same man who claimed to lick the doorknobs of Gary Bauer‘s campaign offices in 2000 so that the staff could catch his flu.