The Democrat Party recognized early on that despite the baseless hoopla with which they were ushered into office, they quickly realized that putting their dreams into practice meant going against the American majority’s idea of recovery: that being the notion of sucking it up through a tough spot, and picking themselves up and getting the job done.

The Democrat Party bought into the statist notion of redistribution, yet understood that to do so meant certain electoral doom, as was demonstrated last November.

The reason these same statists haven’t bothered to push their own ideas is actually quite simple: to do so would mean yet another defeat at the ballot box, hence, they’re going to do everything they can to ensure as many of their enemies (read: Republicans) as possible are placed in a position to meet their electoral doom, as well. After all, if the Democrat Party is destined to fail, they might as well find as many Republicans as they can to blame it on.



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