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Cuts total spending by $111 billion in FY 2012.  The savings is divided as follows:

  • Reduce non-security discretionary spending below 2008 levels, which saves $76 billion.
  • $35 billion cut to non-veterans, non-Medicare, non-Social Security mandatory spending.
  • Defense budget at President’s level.


Total federal spending is scaled back based on the glide path for the fiscal years below:

  • 2012, 22.5% of GDP.
  • 2013, 21.7% of GDP.
  • 2014, 20.8% of GDP.
  • 2015, 20.2% of GDP.
  • 2016, 20.2% of GDP.
  • 2017, 20.0% of GDP.
  • 2018, 19.7% of GDP.
  • 2019, 19.9% of GDP.
  • 2020, 19.9% of GDP.
  • 2021, 19.9% of GDP.


Requires the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment before raising the nation’s debt limit.


Provides for the President’s request for a debt ceiling increase if a qualifying Balanced Budget Amendment passes Congress and is sent to the states for ratification.

Q&A: The Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011

How much is the first year spending cut in the “cut” portion of the bill?

  • The legislation reduces spending by $111 billion in FY 2012.

Why $111 billion?

  • This savings total meets the promise to enact immediate spending cuts as part of any debt ceiling bill, and would cause the deficit to finally get back down below $1 trillion next year (a reduction to the previous year’s deficit of more than $400 billion).


Does the legislation make any changes to Social Security or Medicare? 

  • No. 

Does the legislation make any changes to veterans spending? 

  • No.

What does the legislation mean for defense spending?

  • It is at the same level as the House-passed FY 2012 budget.

Why cap spending at 19.9% of GDP?

  • This would place spending in line with average spending over the last 30 years.

What are the details of the Balanced Budget Amendment?

  • The legislation would require that any Balanced Budget Amendment include the following:
  1. A balanced budget component;
  2. A super-majority requirement to raise taxes; and
  3. A limit on spending as a percentage of GDP.

What is the process for the debt ceiling being increased? 

  • Provides for the President’s request for a debt ceiling increase if a Balanced Budget Amendment passes Congress and is sent to the states for ratification.

Why $2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase? 

  • The President has requested that the debt limit increase by this amount.  This amount is less than the amount of the spending cuts in this bill.  A debt limit increase of this magnitude is a major sacrifice on the part of House Republicans, which is why it is made contingent on measures to ensure that the federal budget is permanently under control.

It is time to hold these politicians accountable


*NOTE: H. Res. 268 I personally agree on this one as you can see so does the Congressman and Congresswomen above do as well. None the less shows that Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) apparently does not know his own voting record.

This goes on forever you get the drift…Once again when you start to hold our Politicians accountable they want to basically call you a liar…

The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a new commercial on Wednesday called “Change Direction” which contrasts President Obama’s remarks on economics in 2008 with statistics on the current economy. The RNC plans to run the ad in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

Obama’s remarks are from his speech to the Democratic National Convention in 2008, and concern how Democrats view the economy.

RNC chair Reince Priebus said that the Republicans want to challenge Obama in every state.

“The RNC will be taking on Barack Obama in every state where his failed policies have hurt job creators and Americans are looking for work,” Priebus said in a statement.


President Obama, whose standing abroad helped earn him a Nobel Peace Prize in his first year in office, has declined in popularity in the Arab world since his Cairo speech in the summer of 2009. From an American Arab Institute poll conducted by Zogby International:

With the 2008 election of Barack Obama, favorable attitudes toward the U.S. more than doubled in many Arab countries. But in the two years since his famous “Cairo speech,” ratings for both the U.S. and the President have spiraled downwards. The President is seen overwhelmingly as failing to meet the expectations set during his speech, and the vast majority of those surveyed disagree with U.S policies.

In five out of the six countries surveyed, the U.S. was viewed less favorably than Turkey, China, France—or Iran. Far from seeing the U.S. as a leader in the post-Arab Spring environment, the countries surveyed viewed “U.S. interference in the Arab world” as the greatest obstacle to peace and stability in the Middle East, second only to the continued Palestinian occupation.

Well this is an interesting turn of events, at 1st I was extremely pissed off by this but then sat back and ave it some thought. So Sen. Mitch McConnell (who in no way am I a huge fan of) has basically came up with a proposal that allows yes (ALLOWS) Obama to raise the debt ceiling for 700 billion dollars that would carry us into the fall (BUT HE MUST SHOW CUTS OF EQUAL TO THE SAME AMOUNT) then in the fall that repeats itself and then once more in June 2012. over all coming to a grand total of 2.5 trillion dollars in debt ceiling raise.

MAKES SENSE TO ME now the only thing is will OBAMA and the liberalcrats in Congress except the deal? Probably not because we all know how they can’t stand ANYTHING by-partisan either their way or the highway which is why our country is in the mess it is.


So the Liberals Democrats think that Obama has the “record” and “ideas” to move the nation forward? Really? What are these idiots thinking? Since Obama has taken office unemployment is WORSE than it was during the great depression, Obama wants to tax the Small Business owner, The higher the taxes go the less companies will hire people. Obama has made it MANDATORY that every single American purchase insurance or be fined. The list just goes on and on like our involvement in Libya Obama promised to bring the troops home he has failed there he also claimed not to take ANY military action in another country without the approval of BOTH houses of congress he has failed there.

This President has more failures than Iran‘s attempt at building a nuclear bomb. I mean and the people of the Democratic party are either too stupid to see these failed policies or just to arrogant to admit failure.

4 more years of Obama would without a doubt finish America off, unless the Republicans can re-gain control of the Senate and maintain control of the House of Representatives with a strong majority to SHUT OBAMA DOWN this country will end up just like CHINA. Everyone working for a 1.50 an hour, can’t voice your opinions without being shot, Government OWNS everything. I mean my God are you serious? If democrats today had their way that is how we would be living.

The Democrats biggest thing they harp on is “GOT TO MOVE THE COUNTRY FORWARD” yes we do got to move the country forward but not into a communist style of Government!

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is planning a Senate filibuster next week in an attempt to force debt ceiling negotiations into the open.

“We’ve had not one minute of debate about the debt ceiling in any committee,” he said in an interview with C-SPAN‘s “Newsmakers” that aired on Sunday. “We haven’t had a budget in two years. We haven’t had an appropriations bill in two years. So I’m part of the freshmen group in the Senate that’s saying, ‘no more.'”

Paul’s plan: “Next week, we will filibuster until we talk about the debt ceiling, until we talk about proposals.”

He added that a group of senators in the “conservative wing” of the Republican Party will also be presenting a proposal to tie raising the debt limit to passage of a balanced budget amendment.

“[W]e will actually vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling next week if we can, but it will be contingent on passing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution,” he said, adding, “I’m not completely without the sense that we may need to raise the debt ceiling. But I will only do it if we have significant budgetary reform, and to me that means you have to balance your budget every year.”

Paul’s announcement picks up where Sen. Ron Johnson‘s (R-Wis.) one-man filibuster attempt last Tuesday left off. Johnson declared that as long as the debt ceiling negotiations are held behind closed doors, he would block all unanimous consent calls, effectively putting a stop on Senate business.

“Unless we receive some assurance from the Democrat leadership that we will actually start addressing our budget out in the open, in the bright light of day — I will begin to object,” Johnson said on the Senate floor.

Johnson’s stunt lasted a little more than two hours, eventually stopped by a procedural move by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

A balanced budget amendment has wide support within the Senate GOP caucus, but it has little chance of passing because of opposition from Democrats. Amending the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in both chambers of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the states.

The Hill has also reported that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) office objects to tying a raise in the debt limit to passage of a balanced budget amendment.