Ester Goldberg (D) vs Steven Bravo (R)

Posted: July 30, 2011 by The STR in Common Sense, NEWS & LOCAL NEWS, Political Comedy
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When you confront Liberals and use pure fact and truth this is the reactions you get from them. All they can do is resort to some pathetic name calling showing their true ignorance at the subject in hand.  Notice the tweet from Ester that says I have been Blocked. This is typical Liberal behavior when they are confronted with facts they go into what you call a trance like state. But it is not Ester I have an issue with it is the failed liberal’s he/she believes in…

  1. Bryan Fran says:


  2. […] 2010 STREster Goldberg (D) vs Steven Bravo (R)Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) quotes the extremist Barack ObamaTHE BOEHNER BILL IS THE REID BILLWhat is […]

  3. Jessie Odell says:

    Nothing new, don’t waist your time. Some people simply always have to be right, even when they are not. And when they are not, they still think they are right… small fish big

  4. Bryan Fran says:

    I hate that worn out Drag Queen~

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