“I am a broadcaster, that is what I do” – Steven Bravo

We are a collection of bloggers who have decided to team up and voice our concerns over the way this current Administration has broken every single promise made by their almighty messiah Barack Hussein Obama. The way the Democrats played on the hopes and dreams of every single American to simply gain power and try and turn this country into a 1980’s USSR.

Leading the way is world renown internet broadcaster GURU Steven Bravo. Steven Bravo is very vocal and knowledgeably opinionated in regards with today’s politics. He has been featured on Yahoo Politics numerous of times. There are many Liberals Progressives Democrats who dread when Steven Bravo releases a blog or a piece of commentary. He tells it like it is with ZERO remorse.

Make sure to subscribe to the blog with your RSS agitators or sign up to receive e-mail alerts to remain in the know.

SOURCES: We get our information from a number of news, social networking, and personal outlets. We always double check every piece of information to try and be as accurate as possible while posting our blogs. But please remember that a blog is for someone to voice their opinions without being censored.

About the Broadcast:

The Steven Bravo Show is hosted and produced by Steven Bravo! Steven Bravo tackles the daily issues that inflict society as we know it!

  1. J Roycroft says:

    I just noticed your blog accepts tips! Hows that working out for you? Maybe I need to try it on mine. Keep up the great work guys.
    By the way – I’ve added you to my Links list.

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