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Just like House Minority leader John Boehner stood up to the Obamacrats when the majority of Americans were still having goggling eyes over the Obama fantasy it is time for you the Independent voters to stand up and send Washington a clear message. That our voices the voices of the American people will no longer be held back or suppressed back by the Liberal elite.
As you can see all across the United States of America the Independent’s are standing up to the Obama Machine. This is very serious my friends, think of it like this. If you are in debt your bills are backing up you don’t go and splurge on nice things and disregard your bills? If so your lights would be cut off your phones your electricity you could lose  your car or your home. See the Government is doing just that they are splurging on agendas that have ultimately failed and only in 2 years. How the hell do you think  they are going to pay for all their spending? RAISE THE TAXES that is how.

State Office Candidates Bravo’s Prediction
Alabama Governor Sparks(D) vs. Bentley ( R ) Bentley ( R )
Alabama Senate Shelby ( R )  vs. Barnes ( D ) Shelby ( R )
Alaska At large Young ( R ) vs. Crawford (D) Young ( R )
Alaska Governor Parnell ( R ) vs. Berkowitz (D) Parnell ( R )
Alaska Senate Miller ( R )  vs. Murkowski (R )  vs. McAdams (D) Murkowski (R )
Arizona Governor Goddard (D) vs. Brewer ( R ) Brewer ( R )
Arizona Dist. 3 Quayle ( R )  vs. Hulburd (D) Quayle ( R )
Arizona Senate McCain ( R ) vs. Glassman (D) McCain ( R )
Arkansas Governor Keet ( R ) vs. Beebe (D) Beebe (D)
Arkansas Senate Boozman ( R )  vs. Lincoln (D) Boozman ( R )
California Dist. 3 Lungren ( R )  vs. Bera (D) Lungren ( R )
California Dist. 11 McNerney (D) vs. Harmer ( R ) Harmer ( R )
California Dist. 18 Cardoza (D) vs. Berryhill ( R ) Cardoza (D
California Dist. 20 Costa (D) vs. Vidak ( R ) Vidak ( R )
California Governor Brown (D) vs. Whitman ( R ) Brown (D)
California Senate Boxer (D) vs. Fiorina ( R ) Fiorina ( R )
Colorado Governor Hickenlooper (D) vs. Maes ( R ) vs. Tancredo (C) Tancredo (C)
Colorado Senate Buck ( R ) vs. Bennet (D) Buck ( R )
Connecticut Dist. 4 Murphy (D) vs. Caligiuri ( R ) Caligiuri ( R )
Connecticut Governor Malloy (D) vs. Foley ( R ) Foley ( R )
Connecticut Senate Blumenthal (D) vs. McMahon ( R ) Blumenthal (D)
Delaware Senate Coons (D) vs. O’Donnell ( R ) Coons (D)
Florida Dist. 2 Boyd (D) vs. Southerland ( R ) vs. Berryhill (I) vs. McKain (I) Southerland ( R )
Florida Dist. 8 Grayson (D) vs. Webster ( R ) vs. Dunmire (TEA) vs. Metcalfe (NPA) Webster ( R )
Florida Governor Sink (D) vs. Scott ( R ) Scott ( R )
Florida Senate Rubio ( R ) vs. Meek (D) vs. Christ (I) Rubio ( R )
Georgia Governor Deal ( R ) vs. Barnes (D) vs. Monds (L) Deal ( R )
Georgia Senate Isakson ( R )  vs. Thurmond (D) vs. Donovan (L) Isakson ( R )
Hawaii Dist. 1 Djou ( R ) vs. Case (D) vs. Hanabusa (D) Djou ( R )
Hawaii Governor Abercrombie(D) vs. Aiona ( R ) Abercrombie(D)
Hawaii Senate Inouye(D) vs. Cavasso ( R ) Inouye(D)
Idaho Dist. 1 Minnick(D) vs. Labrador ( R ) Minnick(D)
Idaho Dist. 2 Simpson ( R )  vs. Crawford (D) Simpson ( R )
Idaho Governor Otter ( R )  vs. Allred (D) Otter ( R )
Idaho Senate Crapo ( R ) vs. Sullivan (D) Crapo ( R )
Illinois Governor Brady ( R )  vs. Quinn (D)vs. Cohen (I) vs. Whitney (G) Brady ( R )
Illinois Senate Kirk ( R ) vs. Giannoulias (D) vs. Jones (G) Kirk ( R )
Indiana Dist. 2 Donnelly (D) vs. Walorski ( R ) Donnelly (D)
Indiana Senate Coats ( R ) vs. Ellsworth (D) Coats ( R )
Iowa Governor Culver (D) vs. Branstad ( R ) Branstad ( R )
Iowa Senate Grassley ( R ) vs. Conlin (D) Grassley ( R )
kansas Dist. 1 Huelskamp ( R ) vs. Jilka (D) Huelskamp ( R )
kansas Dist. 4 Goyle (D) vs. Pompeo (R ) vs. Moffett (L) vs. Ducey (REF) Pompeo (R )
kansas Governor Brownback ( R ) vs. Holland (D) vs. Cannon (RP) vs. Davis (L) Brownback ( R )
kansas Senate Moran ( R ) vs. Johnston (D) Moran ( R )
Kentucky Dist. 3 Yarmuth (D) vs. Lally ( R ) Yarmuth (D)
Kentucky Dist. 6 Chandler (D) vs. Barr (R) Chandler (D)
Kentucky Senate Paul ( R ) vs. Conway (D) Paul ( R )
Louisiana Dist 2 Richmond (D) vs. Cao ( R ) Richmond (D)
Louisiana Senate Vitter ( R ) vs. Melancon (D) Vitter ( R )
Main Dist. 1 Pingree (D) vs. Scontras ( R ) Pingree (D)
Main Dist. 2 Michaud (D) vs. Levesque ( R ) Michaud (D)
Main Governor LePage ( R ) vs. Mitchell (D) vs. Cutler (I) LePage ( R )
Massachusetts Dist. 4 Frank (D) vs. Bielat ( R ) Frank (D)
Massachusetts Governor Patrick (D) vs. Cahill vs. Baker ( R ) Baker ( R ) *
Maryland Dist. 1 Harris ( R ) vs. Kratovil (D) Harris ( R )
Maryland Senate Mikulski (D) vs. Wargotz ( R ) Mikulski (D)
Maryland Governor O’Malley (D) vs. Ehrlich ( R ) O’Malley (D)
Michigan Dist. 3 Amash ( R )  vs. Miles (D) Amash ( R )
Michigan Dist. 15 Dingell (D) vs. Steele ( R ) Dingell (D)
Michigan Governor Snyder (R ) vs. Bernero (D) Snyder (R )
Minnesota Dist.1 Walz (D) vs. Demmer ( R ) Demmer ( R )
Minnesota Dist. 6 Bachmann ( R ) vs. Clark  (D) Bachmann ( R )
Minnesota Governor Emmer ( R ) vs. Dayton (D) Emmer ( R )
Montana Senate Blunt ( R ) vs. Carnahan (D) Blunt ( R )
N. Carolina Dist. 2 Etheridge (D) vs. Ellmers ( R ) Ellmers ( R )
N. Carolina Dist. 7 McIntyre (D) vs. Patano ( R ) Patano ( R )
N. Carolina Dist. 8 Johnson ( R ) vs. Kissell (D) Johnson ( R )
N. Carolina Dist. 11 Shuler (D) vs. Miller ( R ) Miller ( R )
N. Carolina Senate Burr ( R ) vs. Marshall (D) Burr ( R )
North Dakota At – Large Pomeroy (D) vs. Berg ( R ) Berg ( R )
North Dakota Senate Hoeven ( R ) vs. Potter (D) Hoeven ( R )
New Hampshire Dist. 1 Guinta ( R ) vs. Shea-Porter (D) Guinta ( R )
New Hampshire Dist. 2 Bass ( R ) vs. Kuster (D) Kuster (D)
New Hampshire Governor Lynch (D) vs. Stephen ( R ) Lynch (D)
New Hampshire Senate Ayotte ( R )  vs. Hodes (D) Ayotte ( R )
New Jersey Dist. 3 Adler (D) vs. Runyan ( R ) Runyan ( R )
New Jersey Dist 6 Pallone (D) vs. Little ( R ) Little ( R )
New Jersey Dist. 12 Holt (D) vs. Sipprelle ( R ) Sipprelle ( R )
New Mexico Dist. 1 Barela ( R ) vs. Heinrich (D) Barela ( R )
New Mexico Dist. 2 Pearce ( R ) vs. Teague (D) Pearce ( R )
New Mexico Dist. 3 Lujan (D) vs. Mullins ( R ) Lujan (D)
New Mexico Governor Denish (D) vs. Martinez ( R ) Martinez ( R )
New York Governor Cuomo (D) vs. Paladino ( R ) Cuomo (D)
New York Senate A Schumer (D) vs. Townsend ( R ) Schumer (D)
New York Senate B Gillibrand (D) vs. DioGuardi ( R ) Gillibrand (D)
Nebraska Governor Heineman ( R )  vs. Meister (D) Heineman ( R )
Nevada Governor Sandoval ( R ) vs. R. Reid (D) Sandoval ( R )
Nevada Senate Angle ( R ) vs. Reid (D) Angle ( R )
Ohio Governor Strickland (D) vs. Kasich ( R ) Kasich ( R )
Ohio Senate Portman ( R ) vs. Fisher (D) Portman ( R )
Oklahoma Governor Fallin ( R )  vs. Askins (D) Fallin ( R )
Oklahoma Senate Coburn ( R )  vs. Rogers (D) Coburn ( R )
Oregon Governor Dudley ( R ) vs. Kitzhaber (D) Dudley ( R )
Oregon Senate Wyden (D) vs. Huffman ( R ) Wyden (D)
Penns. Governor Corbett ( R ) vs. Onorato (D) Corbett ( R )
Penns. Senate Sestak (D) vs. Toomey ( R ) Toomey ( R )
Rhode Island Governor Chafee (I) vs. Caprio (D) vs. Robitaille ( R )  vs. Block (M) Chafee (I)
South Carolina Governor Haley  ( R ) vs. Sheheen (D) Haley  ( R )
South Carolina Senate DeMint  ( R ) vs. Greene (D) DeMint  ( R )
South Dakota At-Large Herseth Sandlin (D) vs. Noem ( R ) Noem ( R )
South Dakota Governor Daugaard ( R ) vs. Heidepriem (D) Daugaard ( R )
Tenn. Governor Haslam ( R ) vs. McWherter (D) Haslam ( R )
Utah Governor Herbert ( R ) vs. Corroon (D) Herbert ( R )
Utah Senate Lee ( R ) vs. Granato (D) Lee ( R )
Vermont Governor Dubie ( R ) vs. Shumlin (D) Dubie ( R )
Vermont Senate Leahy (D) vs. Britton ( R ) Leahy (D)
West. Virgina Senate Manchin (D) vs. Raese ( R ) Manchin (D)
Wash. Senate Rossi ( R ) vs. Murray (D) Rossi ( R )
Wis. Governor Barrett (D) vs. Walker ( R ) Walker ( R )
Wis. Senate Feingold (D) vs. Johnson ( R ) Johnson ( R )
Wyo. Governor Mead ( R ) vs. Peterson (D) Mead ( R )


Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek denies reports that he agreed to drop out of the Florida Senate race under pressure from former President Bill Clinton.


Image by roberthuffstutter via Flickr

Hell all the need to do is Send President Obama over there and have him apologize on behalf of the American people and that will fix that situation…..

Tensions escalated along the North Korea-South Korea border on Friday after the North fired two rounds at its southern neighbour.

South Korean troops immediately fired back, an official told The Associated Press.

The shots from North Korea were fired towards a South Korean guard post in the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries, an official at the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul told AP.

No one was injured and it wasn’t clear whether the shots represented a military action or were an accident.

However the shots came just hours after the North vowed to retaliate after the South rejected a Pyongyang proposal for military talks.

It’s the latest escalation in an ongoing game of military brinksmanship that hit a high point when North Korea sunk the South Korean warship Cheonan in March, killing 46 sailors.

Earlier this week Pyongyang demanded that Seoul resume large-scale food aid shipments despite the current tensions. The demand came after the North seized a South Korean fishing vessel earlier in the month.

And in August, tensions were once again high after the North fired 110 rounds near the disputed border. All the shells landed harmlessly in the water within the North’s territory.

Earlier that month, South Korea held five days of naval drills off the west coast of the divided peninsula, that the south called a rehearsal for invasion.

There is no word yet whether North Korea will take retaliatory steps following Friday’s provocation.

On Thursday, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Ottawa was establishing new trade sanctions and diplomatic restrictions against North Korea.

Diplomatic talks will be restricted to security concerns, human rights and humanitarian issues, inter-Korea relations and consular officials.

Cannon said all imports from and exports to North Korea will be halted, apart from certain humanitarian exceptions.

There is also a ban on investment in North Korea by Canadians or people in Canada.

The new sanctions also restrict the provision of financial services and the transfer of technology to North Korea.

All North Korean ships and aircraft are also banned from either landing in Canada or passing through its airspace, Cannon said.


Kendrick Meek

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And why should he? He is the elected Democratic candidate for the state of Florida and to have someone with Bill Clinton’s caliber amongst the Democratic party begging Meek to drop out the race goes to show you that THE LIBERALS ARE GETTING VERY NERVOUS…..

Kendrick Meek reaffirms he’s in Senate race to stay, blasts Charlie Crist

Making the rounds on several television network news shows on Friday morning, Democrat Kendrick Meek lashed out at independent Charlie Crist for fueling what he called false rumors that former President Bill Clinton had asked him to drop out of the Senate race.

“[Clinton] didn’t ask me to drop out of the race,” Meek told Fox & Friends. He said that longtime political mentor had asked him last week about “rumors” that he might possibly withdraw from the race.

Meek said he told Clinton that he was not going to bow out of the race. “`That’s your decision,”’ Meek recalled Clinton telling him during a conversation backstage at a rally in Florida.

He then slammed Crist for playing a political trick to damage his bid for the Senate.

“I don’t operate like this, and the bottom line is, is that Charlie Crist does,” Meek said. “It’s mind boggling.”

Meek said that Crist himself had called him during the campaign to urge him to leave the race.

“I told him I’m not getting out of the race,” he said. “I don’t sell out on the people of Florida.”

Speaking on CNN’s American Morning show, Meek said he shot back at Crist that “he should consider getting out of the race.”

The controversy that erupted Thursday comes late in a Senate campaign in which polls show Meek running a distant third behind Crist and front-runner Marco Rubio.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday showed Meek with only 15 percent of the vote and Gov. Charlie Crist just seven percentage points behind Rubio, with 42 percent.

The controversy erupted late Thursday when the website reported that Clinton, while campaigning with Meek last week in Florida, had twice asked him Meek to withdraw.

Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna confirmed the story in an e-mail Thursday to the Herald/Times.

The Meek campaign then alerted the media that the Miami lawmaker would hold a news conference at 9:30 p.m. at his Miami Gardens campaign office to talk about the purported meetings with Clinton.

A defiant Meek, lit by television cameras and surrounded by campaign volunteers chanting his name and waving signs, quashed the Politico story and reaffirmed his committment to staying in the race.

“`I am looking forward to being the next U.S. senator from Florida,” said Meek. `President Clinton and I are good friends. . . He’s continuing to be a supporter of this campaign. I count on his support.”

After the news conference, Clinton told CNN’s Susan Candiotti that he and Meek talked about the race, but he didn’t go into details about their conversation.

“He’s trying to decide what to do, and I talked to him and I told him that — we went through everything, we talked about it a couple times — I said in the end you know you have to do what you thought was right,” Clinton said. “I think in terms of what I said to him and what he said to me, since he’s my friend and he’s the candidate and he wanted us to talk as we always have, I have to let him say what whatever he wants to say about our conversation. It would be wrong for me to discuss it.”

A White House official said the administration did not initiate talks between Meek and Clinton but was “aware” and “in the position to let it play out” out of concerns about Rubio winning.

Crist, a former Republican running as an independent, has been trying to squeeze Meek out of the race for weeks. He told Keith Olbermann of MSNBC Thursday night that he doesn’t expect Meek to quit. Asked how he knew about the conversation between Meek and Clinton, Crist said, “Because I had numerous phone calls with people very close to President Clinton. It’s true.”

In its initial story on the website, Politico reported that Meek and Clinton spoke in Jacksonville, but Meek campaign manager Abe Dyk said they were never together in that city last week. Clinton and Meek campaigned together Tuesday in St. Petersburg and Wednesday in Orlando. Politico later corrected its report to remove the Jacksonville reference.

“The article is not true,” Dyk said in a statement. “Kendrick Meek was never dropping out of this race, is never dropping out of this race, and will never drop out of this race. Kendrick Meek will always stand up for the middle class and will not leave Floridians a choice between two lifelong conservative Republicans who only stand with the special interests. Kendrick is the Democratic nominee so if anyone should drop out, it’s Charlie Crist.”

The Rubio campaign was also dismissive, pointing a finger at the Crist campaign.

“Charlie Crist truly will say and do anything to get elected and hold on to power,” said Rubio’s senior strategist, Todd Harris. “Secret deals to trade away principles for power is already the problem in Washington, its not the solution. This is simply politics as usual which is exactly what voters across the country are emphatically rejecting this election.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele also chimed, saying Republicans would have been attacked for trying to push a black candidate out of a high-profile Senate race.

“If we have learned anything this election cycle, it’s that voters demand the right to choose candidates for themselves, not by a political establishment seeking to make those decisions from on high. President Clinton’s actions to have Kendrick Meek withdraw from the campaign sends a chilling signal to all voters, but especially African Americans. One can only imagine the response if Republican leadership tried to force out of the race — in the 11th hour — a qualified black candidate like Kendrick Meek,” Steele said in a statement.

Clinton’s advice to his close pal showed just how far the Democratic political establishment is willing to go to try to keep the U.S. Senate in Democratic hands. Meek and Clinton bonded back in the 1992 presidential campaign, when Meek was a Florida state trooper providing security for the visiting governor from Arkansas. In 2008, the black congressman and son of a civil rights leader, former U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek, endorsed Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton, over Barack Obama.

Clinton headlined 11 fundraisers for Meek — an astounding number — three back-to-back rallies in South Florida before the primary, and two more events last week.

With Meek’s standing in the race so fragile, even a rumor about him potentially leaving the race amounts to a devastating blow.

“This may not have much of an impact on the race, but it makes Meek look bad,” said Jennifer Duffy, a senior analyst for the non-partisan Cook Political Report. “His own party doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith in him. He’s got to carry that around now and it will make it difficult if he wants to run for office again.”

Former Democratic state House Speaker Peter Wallace of St Petersburg, a Crist supporter, credited Meek with a strong campaign but said Clinton’s latest signals can’t be ignored.

“There’s no question at this point that based on the reports of President Clinton’s efforts and perhaps the efforts of the White House that it is a strong indication that Kendrick Meek’s campaign faces little hope of success,” he said.


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – The lies continue and now liberal Chris “Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews and his lefty chat show Hardball are piling on. Matthews took exception to the lie failed CFO and debate cheat Alex Sink told him on Tuesday and ran a segment last night calling her out using the lower third graphic “Texts, Lies And Videotape?”

The flap over the cover up began when Sink was called to the carpet for lying by CNN debate moderator John King. Matthews had Sink on his Hardball program to explain what happened when she famously read the coaching text her staff sent her during a commercial break in the CNN debate.

Here is what Sink told Matthews Tuesday night:

SINK: “Well, uh, what happened was, Chris, last night that the makeup artist held up her phone and saidI just got this message, I don’t know who it’s from. I looked at it because, you know, I’m a mom, my instinct is my daughter’s in Europe. I don’t know who this message is from. I glanced at it. I didn’t understand even what it was, and I just ignored it.”

To see video of her answer, click here.

After seeing other coverage questioning her explanation, Matthews took exception to her “truthiness” and took her to task in a segment on Wednesday night’s Hardball.

MATTHEWS: “We’ve got the facts on Florida’s Democratic candidate – finally. I didn’t get them last night from the Democratic candidate Alex Sink but we got them, thanks to one of our colleague networks out there. We’re going to show you what we have, now that we’ve boosted the sound of what was really said during that debate. The video very clearly shows something different than what that candidate told me last night.

To see Chris Matthews call Sink out on her shameless lying, click here.

To see the devastating graphic on Hardball, click here.

The liberal left is getting very hostile they were very quick to throw it out there that the “RIGHT” needs to learn to be humble and accept the fact that Democrats are coming into power. That is what they preached on and on and on blah. Well that was 2008 now it is 2010 and it seems that the American public is tired of the Obama experiment and are ushering in a sweeping wave of new and well frankly pissed off Republicans.

Take for instance this story I read today on

The View” co-host Joy Behar on Wednesday, one day after Behar called Angle a “bitch,” and a “moron,” and said she’s “going to hell. (play audio clip)

This is a very loud and clear message that the Established “LEFT WING LIBERALS” are getting frantic that their lies are becoming so transparent which is 10x’s more transparent then Obama promised his administration was going to be.

Sharon Angle sent Joy Behar some wonderful flowers to show her thanks in her helping the Angle camp for raising $150,000

So to all you liberals out there I hope you pull up a seat in front of your TV on Nov. 2nd and watch as the Republicans with the support of over 45% Independent voters across this great land serves you a nice dish of HUMBLE pie.