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I find it simply amazing that our Government refuses to learn from past mistakes? Why are our leaders so damn stupid? Why do we elect such stupid people into office? In 10 yrs the Muslim radicals that have seized Libya and taken control will be declaring some kind of mundane holy war on America…OH WAIT they already are! So the next time you loose someone to one of these animals think about who you elect….

Once again Rick Perry has shown that he is grasping for straws…..

Watch as Mitt Romney once again SMACKS down Rick Perry!

Imagine that? Here we have a party that the leader of the Party Barack Obama has a cabinet FULL of wall street cronies. They want to embrace the occupy wall street protest yet they still have Wall Street moguls sitting on the Presidents cabinet?

President Obama has been the largest recipient of Wall Street Money then any other president in the past 20 years including George W. Bush. THAT IS FACT!

This is just another desperate ploy by the Democratic party IT will fail! The American voters which by the way the majority of them ARE NOT holding pathetic lil signs on wall street. Know that this administration is the very problem to the nations problems. In order to solve the problem you 1st have to remove those CAUSING THE DAMN PROBLEMS.


How should the American people assess the performance of their president? One way is to examine key performance metrics, such as jobs, economic growth and inflation. This video offers a comparison of some of these metrics from at the beginning of President Obama’s term to now. You can decide for yourself if you are better off than you were 3 years ago. A special thanks to John E. of the Ace of Spades HQ for providing the infographs used in this video