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Over the past three years, the president has taken a bad economic situation and made it worse. Despite hundreds of billions in so-called stimulus legislation, our economy has continued to struggle. Now the president has chosen to postpone the creation of 20,000 jobs — and the potential for up to 250,000 more — to give himself political cover with interest groups important to his reelection. If the president is serious about job creation, he will immediately approve the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and put 20,000 Americans to work.


Donald Trump looks into canceling GOP debate he’s set to host

With the wheels coming off the GOP debate he is supposed to host, Donald Trump admitted Friday that he’s looking into canceling the sparsely-attended forum.

But Trump, in a typical display of chutzpah, said there’s another reason why he might pull the plug – he still may run for President.

“If the Republican, in my opinion, is not the right candidate [to defeat President Obama\],” Trump declared, “I am unwilling to give up my right to run as an independent candidate.”

The Donald had blamed TV equal-time provisions that prohibited him from simultaneously running for President and hosting NBC’s “The Apprentice” until the show’s May season finale for bowing out of the race.

He also claimed that several GOP candidates told him they’d only do the December 27 debate if Trump vowed to not launch a late bid for the White House once “The Apprentice” was off the air.

Trump refused.

OWS Ted calls in to ask Rush why it is ok to pitch a tent in front of a store like best buy

or a walmart. But college kids protesting get military grade pepper spray.

What people fail to realize is that the stores are PRIVATE property… Same with Zuccotti park

and Universities!

As I sat watching the recent Senate Cloture vote to supposedly overcome a Republican filibuster. The funny thing is even Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) voted no to end the filibuster and sent the Senate into recess. This is exactly why these morons are going to lose the majority in the Senate and the White House in the next election.

Simply amazing…Please Liberals please keep doing this the more you do this the more you slide lower and lower in the polls…

In the parlance of Washington, the Democrats are going to get the upper hand in the final round of the debt debate.  Republicans will succeed in making a vast cut in federal spending, unimaginable before the 2010 election and will block any tax increases.  Democrats will get an extension of the debt limit until after the election so as to avoid dragging Obama through this process again.

But the damage this debate has inflicted on the Obama Presidency is so deep and profound that it will have played a large part in dooming his re-election chances.  The injury to his popularity from the debt debate is far greater than the addition to his popularity he realized after killing bin Laden.

Here’s what will unfold in Washington:

Step One:  Reid and McConnell will craft a deal calling for larger so-called budget cuts (they’ll count the fictitious spending cuts achieved by avoiding foreign wars not now contemplated) and they will extend the debt limit until after the election.  McConnell will exact some language whereby Obama has to ask for the additional borrowing authority but it will require a two-thirds vote to deny it to him.  There will be a bi-partisan committee to craft further savings, but nobody will pay much attention to its results, certainly not Obama.

Step Two:  The Reid-McConnell compromise will pass the Senate with five or six defections by Democrats up for re-election and a dozen or two additions from non-tea party Republicans.

Step Three:  House Republicans will raise hell and refuse to pass the Senate bill.  Boehner will make a show of persuading them and then, finally, confronted by the “deadline” artificially ginned up by the president, he will permit it to pass with strong Democratic support.  A majority — or close to it — of his own party will vote no.

Outcome:  Obama will get credit for raising the debt limit.  Republican conservatives will be able to say they voted no.  Boehner will keep his credibility because he got a pure debt limit bill passed only with GOP votes before he crossed the aisle for final passage.

But the real outcome will be to have brought Obama’s job approval down from its bin Laden high of 55% to a new Gallup low of 40%.  That is ground he won’t be able to make up.  And, put through the rigors of tension and uncertainly, the economy will sink further into a double dip recession.  A recession brought on, in large part, by Obama’s crying wolf over the debt limit and creating an environment of financial and economic terror around its passage.

Republicans proved they can govern by passing their one-house debt limit increase.  Their fiscal conservative credentials are intact.  And Obama looks, once more, like a weak and easily cowed incompetent to his backers and a big spending and borrowing liberal to the rest of us.

Game to Obama.  Set and Match to the GOP.

This post echoes the Ester Goldberg (D) vs. Steven Bravo ( R ) post, this time though it is the White House Press Secretary resorting to name calling. See once again instead of just being honest and holding themselves accountable they resort to name calling and tom foolery. When the Liberals Progressives Democrats are confronted with facts they break down, go into a trance like state and resort to school yard playground name calling.

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Once again the failed policies of Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership has failed the American people. Obama’s massive socializing of health care aka Obama care will cost 1200 more jobs. This administration could give a crap about helping to create jobs. Instead the almighty SNAP aka Food Stamp President wants more and more people to rely on the Federal Government.

(Boston Scientific Corp. said yesterday that it plans to eliminate 1,200 to 1,400 jobs worldwide) due to the Obamacare tax. I don’t blame these companies for laying off people and down sizing. With Obama in the oval office no business can trust him.

All this Administration has done since day one was lie to the American people, not one piece of policy has come from Obama that actually helps the job market. Thank God this disastrous President’s time in the White House is almost up!