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With his amazing victory in Florida then the absolute stunning victory he pulled in Nevada last night among conservatives. There is no possible way the Gingrich or Santorum camp can continue to play the “He isn’t conservative enough to win” card. As we all know that it is the swing voter that wins Presidential elections. This is hard cold facts!

Common Sense tells me this:

That the Republican vote alone will not win you a Presidential election you need the support and the votes of not only a majority of the Independents but those of Democrats as well. This whole notion that we need to nominate a candidate that totally offends those possible voters is beyond asinine. I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin along with a few other host and they seem to think that we need a nominee that will spit in the face of non republican voters. This is a fatal flaw in common sense, you have to be able to work with the opposition to get things done. This is something that is currently unfolding right before our very eyes with President Obama.

Great example is listed in the poll below

Now the Republican party is made up of an array of different ideologies, What the conservative view point is they simply just want to elect someone like Rick Santorum who is super conservative and will lose to Obama in the fall by not being able to pull the coveted Independent voter. So they bite the bullet and back someone who is conservative but can appeal to that coveted voter! Newt Gingrich if nominated will lose to Obama in the fall as well. As shown in the poll above Newt is not the man. So we are left with the only candidate that can defeat Obama and after all that is our goal as Republican voters be it super conservative or moderate!

Mitt Romney is a conservative businessman who helped create and run a company that invested in struggling businesses, started new ones, and rebuilt old ones, creating thousands of jobs.

As I am writing this blog the Newt super PAC is getting ready to launch their little 30 min attack ad on Romney. There was a time when I thought Newt Gingrich would be a great nominee and an even better President. Well that time has long since past and I found myself back to supporting Romney and Newts Serial Hypocrisy helped me realize it. Newt is one of those politicians that are at the bottom of the barrel you know all the trash that settles down and settles on the bottom of a barrel! That is what Newt Gingrich reminds me of.

So they want to attack Bain Capital? Like Rush Limbaugh said today! WHEN has it become the platform of a so called conservative Republican to blast capitalism? WOOOO wait a min! Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and many others have been doing it for months now. But all of a sudden they bring attention to this fact? Don’t get me wrong I am in no way defending Newt “they are picking on me boo hoo” Gingrich. But none the less it is very interesting indeed!

So ok sure Bain Capital has closed some business but look at HOW many jobs they saved compared to how many was lost! The pro in this case damn sure out weighs the cons.

Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry has once again showed just how much they are REALLY liberal in the skin of a Republican or a better example: R*H*I*N*O*S



“America over the years has consisted of men and women with vision and passion who are willing to take risk and work hard. But today in Washington with our President, you have someone who doesn’t understand that America, he doesn’t understand our economy, he thinks it’s not free people and free enterprises that make America strong, but instead a government. It’s free people, not a government, that makes America great. We’re going to get the job done and keep America the greatest nation in the history of the earth.”

Over the past three years, the president has taken a bad economic situation and made it worse. Despite hundreds of billions in so-called stimulus legislation, our economy has continued to struggle. Now the president has chosen to postpone the creation of 20,000 jobs — and the potential for up to 250,000 more — to give himself political cover with interest groups important to his reelection. If the president is serious about job creation, he will immediately approve the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and put 20,000 Americans to work.

Employment Exhibition

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Brad Anderson, CEO of Best Buy, added that Obamacare makes it impossible to achieve even basic certainty about future personnel costs:

“If I was trying to get you to fund a new business I had started and you asked me what my payroll was going to be three years from now per employee, if I went to the deepest specialist in the industry, he can’t tell me what it’s actually going to cost, let alone what I’m going to be responsible for.”

You would think a piece of legislation more than a thousand pages long would at least be clear about the specifics. But a lot of those pages say: “The secretary will determine …” That means the secretary of health and human services will announce the rules sometime in the future. How can a business make plans in such a fog?

John Allison, former CEO of BB&T, the 12th biggest bank in America, pointed out how Obamacare encourages employers not to insure their employees. Under the law, an employer would be fined for that. But the penalty at present –about $2,000 — is lower than the cost of a policy.

“What that means is in theory every company ought to dump their plan on the government plan and pay the penalty,” he said. “So you don’t really know what the cost is because it’s designed to fail.”

Of course, then every employee would turn to the government-subsidized health insurance. Maybe that was the central planners’ intention all along.

An owner of 12 IHOPS told me that he can’t expand his business because he can’t afford the burden of Obamacare. Many of his waitresses work part time or change jobs every few months. He hadn’t been insuring them, but Obamacare requires him to. He says he can’t make money paying a $2,000 penalty for every waitress, so he’s cancelled his plans to expand. It’s one more reason why job growth hasn’t picked up post-recession.

A new hard-hitting ad from the pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC, called ” Too Much”, will be airing in Iowa TV markets starting Wednesday night, according to Brittany Gross, a spokeswoman for the ” Restore our Future” PAC.

Up until now, the aggressive ads have targeted Romney’s primary rival Newt Gingrich, but this negative ad also goes after Rick Perry, saying both are soft on illegal immigration.

By law, neither Romney, nor his presidential campaign have any involvement with the organization, and their ads, the candidate has said.