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Yes you read the title correct! Camp Gingrich has self destructed! While watching the replay of his embarrassing post Nevada Caucuses press conference was nothing short of the funeral for the Gingrich Campaign.


It simply amazes me at how much an ego this guy has! I mean my goodness he lost both Florida and Nevada by double digits. And he still refuses to concede either race to Gov. Romney. This is someone the Republican party does not need!


Got to love the hecklers….

Embattled New York congressman announces his resignation from the House of Representatives while hecklers interrupt his comments

Steven Bravo of the STR has personally taken a special interest into the whole (D) Rep. Anthony Weiner story. The plot thickens even more now…Porn Star comes forward and says that Democrat Rep. Anthony Wiener asked her to lie about their twitter conversations. Everyday more and more information is coming to light.

While Lee said she did not initiate sexual talk with Weiner, she did say the congressman’s messages were often sexually suggestive.



Bethany Storro was embraced as the face of resilience this month when she survived a stranger’s vicious acid attack and showed the world her disfiguring burns.

But now, police say, she did the damage to herself.

Storro, 28, made headlines when she reported being the victim of a horrific attack inflicted by a stranger.

A woman approached her with a cup, Storro said, taunting, “Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?” before throwing acid on her face.

The pretty Vancouver native immediately received an outpouring of support, appearing on numerous morning shows and getting well wishes from Facebook groups like “Send hugs to Bethany Storro.”

But now, police say, Storro has admitted there was no attacker.

“Several discrepancies began to emerge regarding the alleged attack,” Vancouver Police Chief Clifford Cook told The Associated Press.  Ultimately, as police continued to investigate, “Ms. Storro admitted the injuries were self-inflicted.”

At the time, Storro described the attack in heart-rending detail.

“It was the most painful thing ever,” she said from the hospital. “My heart stopped. It ripped through my clothing the instant it touched my shirt; I could feel it burning through my second layer of skin.”

She also offered information about her assailant, though she kept the details vague.

“I have never, ever seen this girl in my entire life,” Storro said at the time. “When I first saw her, she had this weirdness about her – like jealousy, rage.”

Just a week ago, Storro held another press conference, reiterating that she wanted to find her attacker.

“I have no enemies,” she said. “In time I’m going to forgive her. Then I can move on.”

Cook says he doesn’t know why Storro hurt herself and created such an elaborate lie, but that she is “very remorseful.”