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Where did liberals in California get all their bad ideas? Rick Perry was first to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. He approved taxpayer-funded state aid for illegal immigrants attending college. Welcome to California Governor Perry.


Anyone of the Republican presidential candidates could beat Obama in 2012. Just how anyone of the Democrat presidential candidates would have beat the Republican Nominee in 2008 thanks to George W. Bush. In this case 2+2=4 not 3, Also I have seen a humungous drop in Liberal voices and bloggers. Those are mostly what you call your “bandwagon” jumpers. They seen how fast Obama and the Democrats were sinking so they jumped off and onto the Republican bandwagon which by all means COME ON WE WELCOME EVERYONE.

See most Democrats have been spending their time fighting the simple social issues like abortion, gay rights, DADT, DOMA and so forth. While the Republicans have been pounding away at the most important issues of this election cycle and that is how damn bad this Obama oppression (recession) really Is. The majority of American voters are sick of all the broken promises and lies from the Democrats in power.

Nancy “Cockeyed” Pelosi said during the mid-terms “We have nothing to worry about the American people will vote for the Democrats because they know how bad the Republicans made things” Well they actually voted opposite of Pelosi’s prediction and almost wiped out the house Democrats. The American voters sent a very loud and clear message again when they almost wiped out the Governorships in all the states except California and New Your and just look at how F&%^ those 2 states are.

Yes you read that title right and it is the truth, the Liberals aka Democrats can’t stand the constitution this is a fact that has been proven time after time again. They want to bend the constitution to push our great country into a “CHINA” like mold. They want to keep borrowing billions upon billions from our communist foe. China and the same for all communist leaders think that the world should become just like them.

It simply amazes me at how our “leaders” on the Democratic side of the isle keeps calling for the wars in the middle east to end, but yet they KEEP supporting the man who refuses to end them. The Democratic leaders continue to support the head liberal in charge Obama with blind and fool heated blindness.
If the liberals like Sen. Barbara Boxer from California had their way bloggers like me would all be gathered lined up shit and dumped in a early 1980’s style Russian death pit. The right to free speech is a right that our forefathers and military personnel fought and continue to fight for today. When someone writes a blog SPEAKING out yes SPEAKING out against a Government that is bloated like a dead dog on the side of the road it is our right as FREE AMERICANS TO DO SO.

I am not trying to persuade people to vote for this way or that, but know this so many and I mean MANY of people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 WISH they could vote differently. They were duped by Obama into this whole hope and change platform that almost brainwashed a nation.

Liberals get offended very easy and very fast but they turn around and do the exact same thing that offended them to a conservative and they don’t even blink an eye? It is ok for them to offend a Conservative but if they get offended then ahh it is the end of the world. I personally think that Michelle Obama has the personality of a tree limb, THATS MY OPINION. Well fact in my eyes but none the less, You see by me saying that I am sure it offended someone. Liberals hate only like the freedom of speech guaranteed to us under the 1st amendment of the Constitution when it is supporting their ideas and supporting their causes. Now some may argue with me on this they would say “well the Republicans do it too” Yes and those people who do that ARE WRONG AS HELL TOO. People who think it is illegal to have an abortion to save the mothers life is wrong, if a man wants to marry a man then let the STATES decide not our federal Government.
For those that do not know much about myself and The STR know this I am a fiscal Conservative social issues really do not way to heavily on my top list of concern. Granted I do not think everyone should be standing by their mailboxes waiting on the big Government handouts either.

As a Small Business owner I am white born in California 31 years old and can’t get a business grant I “do not meet the criteria” I went to the bank and a loan was approved almost instantly I met the criteria. Someone from Pakistan comes in they instantly meet the criteria for a Government grant, they do not have to pay back the money to open up another quickie mart. Can those that read this please tell me where is the justification to this? This is why so many Americans have such a distaste for people of another country. Being BORN here being a citizen here I can not get a grant for my business but a foreigner can come in and in a snap of a finger be granted one? I am not filthy rich I work hard to make ends meat.

Now the Democrats in office want to take it a bit further, once again Sen. Harry Reid will introduce the Dream ACT. The Dream Act sounds nice and loveable doesn’t it? I mean who doesn’t have a dream? So this leaves me with the next question? How can I as an American born citizen apply for the EXACT same benefits a “non” American born person will be entitled to. There is that wonderful word again entitled to since when should someone who is not even born in this great country be more entitled to something over someone who is BORN here?


She may have just formally entered the 2012 Presidential race six days ago, but Michele Bachmann is already being targeted by gay activists for her extreme stance on gay rights. It happened on Saturday when an activist by the name of Rachel E.B. Lang from the California-based Get Equal group headed toward the stage where Bachmann was speaking at and started to throw glitter at her, in what was called a “glittering attempt”. Fortunately for the Republican Congresswoman, she was barely hit, and even if she was, seems unfazed from the incident, smiling at supporters attending the event as it happened.

The US House of Representatives voted to prohibit the use of funds for American military operations in Libya.

Lawmakers adopted the amendment to a military appropriations bill by a vote of 248 to 163.

A number of members of Congress have recently expressed their dissatisfaction at President Barack Obama’s decision to go ahead with operations in Libya in March and to continue without congressional authorization.

The amendment, introduced by Democratic representative Brad Sherman from California, invokes the War Powers Resolution, a 1973 law that limits presidential powers on sending troops abroad into combat zones without the consent of Congress.

Sherman’s text states that “none of the funds made available by this act may be used in contravention of the War Powers Act.

According to the War Powers Resolution, the president must seek congressional authorization to send US troops into combat and must withdraw American forces within 60 days if Congress has not authorized the military action.

The same measure was presented in another bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security but failed to pass on June 2.

Lawmakers must still approve the appropriations bill as a whole and the measure must still be approved by the Senate.

The White House has been under rising pressure from congressional critics demanding details about US goals in Libya and questioning the likely costs and duration of the campaign, in which Washington now has a supporting role.

The House of Representatives recently passed a symbolic resolution chiding Obama for not seeking congressional

If Harold Camping is right, then you should probably stop reading this and go say goodbye to your family.

The 89-year-old California-based preacher host of the “Open Forum” television and radio show has predicted that the Christian Rapturethe return of Jesus Christ and an accompanying worldwide disaster – is set to take place on Saturday, May 21.

“We have no plan B, it is going to happen,” Camping said. “The Bible is a very factual book.”

Camping has, according to some of his colleagues, spent millions of dollars promoting the end of the world, but he predicted a previous Rapture in 1994. Clearly, that didn’t happen.