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Anyone of the Republican presidential candidates could beat Obama in 2012. Just how anyone of the Democrat presidential candidates would have beat the Republican Nominee in 2008 thanks to George W. Bush. In this case 2+2=4 not 3, Also I have seen a humungous drop in Liberal voices and bloggers. Those are mostly what you call your “bandwagon” jumpers. They seen how fast Obama and the Democrats were sinking so they jumped off and onto the Republican bandwagon which by all means COME ON WE WELCOME EVERYONE.

See most Democrats have been spending their time fighting the simple social issues like abortion, gay rights, DADT, DOMA and so forth. While the Republicans have been pounding away at the most important issues of this election cycle and that is how damn bad this Obama oppression (recession) really Is. The majority of American voters are sick of all the broken promises and lies from the Democrats in power.

Nancy “Cockeyed” Pelosi said during the mid-terms “We have nothing to worry about the American people will vote for the Democrats because they know how bad the Republicans made things” Well they actually voted opposite of Pelosi’s prediction and almost wiped out the house Democrats. The American voters sent a very loud and clear message again when they almost wiped out the Governorships in all the states except California and New Your and just look at how F&%^ those 2 states are.