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Ok so I am reading all this hype about Santorum sweeping Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota last night in the make believe primaries. Let’s all 1st remember that Romney is NOT going to win every state. Also these states are “Socially Conservative” states they are more worried about abortion, gay marriage and etc… They are not really worried about the economy! Also there was a low turn out as well!


So Santorum won all 3 states, let’s look forward to the New York primary 9-1 Romney wins… They are worried about the economy not abortions. When will the far right wing of the Republican party get this? It is about the economy stupid.


This is an excellent comparison piece done by Dick Morris on the differences between Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich!
I personally agree with Morris on this issue as well both these candidates would make great candidates against Obama and can ultimately make him a 1 termer!

Here is the ad that sunk Rick Perry‘s presidential campaign…


How should the American people assess the performance of their president? One way is to examine key performance metrics, such as jobs, economic growth and inflation. This video offers a comparison of some of these metrics from at the beginning of President Obama’s term to now. You can decide for yourself if you are better off than you were 3 years ago. A special thanks to John E. of the Ace of Spades HQ for providing the infographs used in this video

The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a new commercial on Wednesday called “Change Direction” which contrasts President Obama’s remarks on economics in 2008 with statistics on the current economy. The RNC plans to run the ad in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

Obama’s remarks are from his speech to the Democratic National Convention in 2008, and concern how Democrats view the economy.

RNC chair Reince Priebus said that the Republicans want to challenge Obama in every state.

“The RNC will be taking on Barack Obama in every state where his failed policies have hurt job creators and Americans are looking for work,” Priebus said in a statement.


Today, unemployment rose to 9.2%. Sign my petition calling on President Obama to reject White House adviser David Plouffe‘s comments that ‘unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers’ do not matter to average Americans

So the Liberals Democrats think that Obama has the “record” and “ideas” to move the nation forward? Really? What are these idiots thinking? Since Obama has taken office unemployment is WORSE than it was during the great depression, Obama wants to tax the Small Business owner, The higher the taxes go the less companies will hire people. Obama has made it MANDATORY that every single American purchase insurance or be fined. The list just goes on and on like our involvement in Libya Obama promised to bring the troops home he has failed there he also claimed not to take ANY military action in another country without the approval of BOTH houses of congress he has failed there.

This President has more failures than Iran‘s attempt at building a nuclear bomb. I mean and the people of the Democratic party are either too stupid to see these failed policies or just to arrogant to admit failure.

4 more years of Obama would without a doubt finish America off, unless the Republicans can re-gain control of the Senate and maintain control of the House of Representatives with a strong majority to SHUT OBAMA DOWN this country will end up just like CHINA. Everyone working for a 1.50 an hour, can’t voice your opinions without being shot, Government OWNS everything. I mean my God are you serious? If democrats today had their way that is how we would be living.

The Democrats biggest thing they harp on is “GOT TO MOVE THE COUNTRY FORWARD” yes we do got to move the country forward but not into a communist style of Government!