The deal that was just struck over extending the Payroll tax cuts is only good for 2 months. The Republicans wanted to extend them to all of 2012 but Obama being the wonderful President he is only wants them to last for 2 more months then he can raise taxes back up.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday he would tell his caucus to get “noisy” if he were trying to game out the dispute on a payroll tax cut with President Obama.

Asked about the standoff by a voter, the Republican presidential candidate also called the senators “arrogant” over their refusal to negotiate.

“I would have all of my members on talk radio back home demanding the senators come back. And I could say ‘How can the senators arrogantly go home.”

Gingrich, who has previously said he doesn’t know what John Boehner is going through because President Obama is a much more difficult leader than former President Clinton was to work with, said Republican House “ought to win the argument” and the only way to do it would be to be “noisy.”

“The idea that a one-year tax cut is somehow a losing proposition and a two-month tax cut is somehow a winning proposition — I mean, it takes Washington, and frankly it takes the bias of the elite media — to get here because I think the Senate has been totally irresponsible and the president has been irresponsible and any normal that looks at the bookkeeping chaos of a two-month cut, it’s just mindless.”

  1. Obama illustrates Chicago style hardball politics where it is take no losers but search and destroy
    John Wilder

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