This President every day more and more is shaping into Jimmy Carter and beyond…

Once again President Obama has failed to reach the millions of NON union members!

Instead of “Sharing the wealth” now it is “Shared Prosperity” If I made a million dollars why should I be obligated to share that? Please someone translate this bumbling idiot!

I am still trying to comprehend the remarks made my Jimmy Hoffa Jr. “Kill the son of bitches” I mean these people see their power slipping away and fast. They are desperate; they claim to be looking out for the workers’ rights! All they care about is the membership dues.

There is a hell of a lot more NON union members than there are members, so basically this moron has declared some kind of “WAR” on everyone NOT affiliated with their pathetic unions.

I like millions of others am an avid Drudge Report guy! Once I seen this story posted on Drudge I immediately went to the article which you can to on REAL CLEAR POLITICS!

HAVE NO WORRIES this is exactly the kind of talk that will make Obama a 1 term President just like Jimmy Carter.

Also have you noticed the Democrat tagline? REPUBLICANS ONLY GOAL IS TO MAKE PRESIDENT OBAMA A 1 TERM PRESIDENT! Do they not comprehend that is exactly our goal just as it is their goal to see the dumbest and blindest Democratic President IN HISTORY is re-elected.

The display by Hoffa Jr. is nothing more than that of pure panic & desperation ignorance to the fact that Obama has Failed America and they are part to blame for it.

p/s: Have they ever found Hoffa Sr. yet?


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