8-04-2011 2 days after Obama and Congress (Congress means both the House of Reps & the Senate) came to a compromised solution for the debt ceiling. Obama is still at an all-time low in the polls for re-election; even Democrats in Washington D.C. are starting to pull away from him as they are also facing re-election. Kind of how the Republicans did with George W. Bush in 2008.

The job market is 10x more stagnate than when Bush left office, the Democrats “those still loyal to Obama” are still lying to the American people by swearing up and down that the economy is booming even though millions upon millions are out of work. Think Hillary Clinton will campaign for Obama? WRONG she has already went on record saying no way no how that she will be done with Politics once she resigns as the Secretary of State which is supposed to happen sometime in 2012. Which that in itself was a tall tale of things to come she knew he would only be a 1 term President. I mean after all didn’t he promise the world and the moon to everyone?

Thanks to Obama there is no more middle class America, he crushed them within in his 1st year of the Presidency. Now you have the rich who in an Obama America makes $250,000 a year and the poor who might collect $20,000 a year from SNAP.

Also there is a great list of Republican Presidential candidates that anyone of them could beat Obama in 2012, of course there can only be one and whoever that person is he or she will have a field day debating Obama on his failed economic policies.

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    Dr. Tickles

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