• Raise taxes across the board

  • Invest money in more Government programs

  • Enact even more stricter regulations on Private Sector companies

That’s pretty much their plan in a nutshell


  • Cut taxes across the board

  • Lower monies being pumped into the huge Government balloon created by Obama & the Bankers aka WALL STREET.

  • Reduce the size of Government back 1998 levels

  • Reduce over barring regulations that benefit big unions and hurt the Private Sector job growth.

  • Reduce the cost of healthcare aka Obama Care so employers can actually afford to offer some sort of health insurance to their employees. (FYI: Remember just recently the leaked audio of Steve Wynn on how scared companies are in investing their time and monies while Obama is still in the White House, Steven Wynn was one of Obama’s biggest money backers)

What will it take for Washington get their act together? That is a question I hear a lot from many people that answer to that is actually a simple one. STOP RE-ELECTING THE SAME DAMN POLITICIAN TO SERVE IN CONGRESS OVER AND OVER. STOP ELECTING UN-EXPERIANCED PEOPLE TO THE WHITE HOUSE LIKE OBAMA…


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