Just when you think the Liberals Progressives socialist Democrats couldn’t possibly top the ignorance they showed in 2008 by nominating Barack Hussein Obama to lead their party, it gets topped off by one of the most ignorant person in politics today. Now they wonder why the majority of Americans are not happy with them. They go and place Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the Chairman Chairwoman to lead the DNC into the 2012 elections.

By doing this they handed the reigns right back to the Republicans (which I myself am not complaining). Debbie W. Schultz is a disgrace to Congress let alone a damn disgrace to the Democratic Party. Many powerhouse Democrats ARE not happy about her becoming the chairwoman. But as ALWAYS with the DNC it is the blind leading the blind. I mean after all look who the nominated in 2008. Mr. inexperience himself Obama. This only thing this whack job of a politician can take credit for his making her party look like a bunch of dumb ass buffoons running around talking about absolutely jack crap.



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