Unlike Michele Bachmann Tim Pawlenty SAYS NOT SO FAST, Tim Pawlenty refuses to sign pledge against gay marriage.
Tim Pawlenty finally is starting to sound like a leader and not a follower:

I deeply respect, and share, Bob Vander Platts’ commitment to promoting the sanctity of marriage, a culture of life, and the core principles of the Family Leader’s Marriage Vow Pledge,” Mr. Pawlenty said in a statement. “However, rather than sign onto the words chosen by others, I prefer to choose my own words, especially seeking to show compassion to those who are in broken families through no fault of their own. I respectfully decline to sign the pledge.”

But before all you TPAW fanatics jump up and down with joy THIS IS NO WAY an endorsement for Tim Pawlenty. Because like TPAW, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have declined to sign such a ridiculous pledge.

Mr. Romney, the campaign’s front-runner, said it was “undignified.”

Source: Wall Street Journal


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