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Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (GYT’-nur) says many Americans will face hard times for a long time to come.

He says President Barack Obama rescued the United States from a second Great Depression and will keep working to strengthen the economy. But Geithner says will be some time before many people feel like the country is recovering.

Geithner tells NBC’sMeet the Press” that it’s a very tough economy. He says that for a lot of people “it’s going to feel very hard, harder than anything they’ve experienced in their lifetime now, for a long time to come.”



Ok Geithner says hard times to continue for many.. Geithner wouldn’t know what hard times was if it flew like a shoe and hit him in the head. When will these people stop thinking the American Voters are literal idiots? We do not need Geithner to tell us that under the Obama oppression that the Majority of Americans are really feeling the crunch of his failed policies.


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