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1st off let me make myself clear I think she is not completely innocent, I do not think she premeditated to kill her daughter Caylee. But I can understand why a lot of people think she did. When dealing with the death of a child especially in this type of scenario people want justice they want someone to pay for what happen to that innocent child, I want justice for Caylee as well. But to try and convict someone for 1st degree murder that carries the death penalty over very shaky circumstantial evidence is not the right thing to do. The states evidence in this case is based solely on circumstantial evidence alone. Was Casey a liar? YES does that mean she is guilty of 1st degree murder? NO!

George Anthony was a horrible witness for the state he was argumentative, rude, and unbelievable. The defense was able to break him down on the stand and show just how emotionally unstable he really was. Which leads me to the defenses “posturing” it is the job of a defense attorney to make sure their client wins regardless. Jose Baez did a great job at keeping the jury from really concentrating on how much of a horrible person Casey really was. With his opening statements of him saying that Caylee drowned and then later on the molestation allegations along with incest, he also went as far as saying that Casey’s brother Lee could be the father. What this did was throw major waves into an already rocky pond.

So it comes down to not being able to link all the allegations of 1st degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, Aggravated child abuse. This is a true testament to how great our justice system is, so many people will knock the justice system and complain about how it is “broken” but when it comes down to it and they get caught up in a jam they will be thankful for the American justice system. As I stated early shortly after the verdict was reached, if you do not like the American justice system then move to China or Iran. And enjoy their justice system, we have a constitution and every AMERICAN citizen is entitled to due process.

My closing arguments:
I am glad to see Casey Anthony beat these ridiculous charges, I predicted she would be acquitted for the lack of evidence produced by the state. This goes to show you that the American justice system is NOT broken and that you are and always will be innocent until proven guilty. There was ZERO forensic evidence that linked Casey to the murder of her daughter cut and dry. This was a “dry bones” case. Very hard to get a conviction on a dry bones case.

Written by:
Steven Bravo | Founder of The STR

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    Prosecution team sucked, big time. I suspect Casey will ne pregnant again by the end of next week.

  2. bonju says:

    For the very same arguments you state that allowed Anthony to go free is what I would say circumstantially should have both imprisoned her for the death penalty and proven her guilt. Why did she lie if she didn’t commit the crime? What mother goes out clubbing and buying clothing when he 2 year old daughter is missing for months? The evidence was not handled well at all but Florida is a ridiculous state. A dangerous felon, a drifting homosexual prostitute who did the world a favor by shooting to death 7 married men who bought her favor and then complained about paying got the death sentence in Florida and lethal injection but a narcissistic, brat like Casey Anthony who at 25 has lost her looks and is dis-compassionate about her own child, dares to sit in that defense chair and cry like a baby because her own ass is on the line, goes free is an outrage. If she did not murder Caylee who did? Her parents who are equally as dumb as she is as her brother Lee is and all the rest of the 3 ring morons in that circus called the Anthony family. If Caylee drowned iut in the pool like George said why did he go to such great lengths to hide her body and why did the baby have duct tape all over her face? Duh? Don’t know stupid? Perhaps she was murdered by her mother, Casey Anthony….Circumstancial evidence anywhere else in the USA would have convicted this two bit whore but in Florida home of the CHAD debacle and anything to do with republicans and Bush – this cow goes free. I hate Florida and I hate Casey Anthony – I tell you know – she will never know a moment’s peace until the day she dies – she will be judged by public sentiment against her.

  3. michellefrommadison says:

    Baez and Cheney both rule! 🙂

    Congratulations on achieving true Justice.

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