Andrew Cuomo

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The new Obama has emerged, from out of the dust of a debt ridden state he has risen. This is the new golden boy for the Progressives Liberals Democrats or whatever they want to be called today. A new hero has arises from the left. This new hero for the left is off to an amazing start, balancing his states budget on the backs of the middle class but we all know that is the way the Democrats do but continue to deny doing it even though they publicly do it. He signed into law the right to marry someone of the same sex (which anyone that has been following my blog knows my thoughts on same sex marriage).
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has become so popular that many from your far RADICAL left want Obama to replace Joe Biden with Gov. Andrew Cuomo as his running mate. Will this happen? I do not think so but the left knows they are in trouble because of the economy the same damn thing that happen to Jimmy Carter is now happening to Barack Obama.



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