Obama once again proves he can not set aside his out right distasteful arrogance, Even Liberal Democrat powerhouse Bill Clinton has seemed to turn his back on Obama praising the GOP field. Obama claims how serious the debt talks are how Congress should work through the 4th of July holiday but he gets to go to Martha’s Vineyard. Sen. Mitch McConnell invited Obama to join them in the debt ceiling talks but yet he says it is not a conversation worth having. So once again Obama places himself over the better of the American voter. The Obama camp wonders why they are struggling in fundraiser and well the polls as well.


  1. […] 2010 STROil prices going to rise 1 week after Obama released oil reserved?Obama proves once again his ego is more important than the American Voters..Once again Sen. Dick Durban demonstrates his lack of Constitutional knowledgeHerman Cain: Obama “A […]

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