As a Small Business owner I am white born in California 31 years old and can’t get a business grant I “do not meet the criteria” I went to the bank and a loan was approved almost instantly I met the criteria. Someone from Pakistan comes in they instantly meet the criteria for a Government grant, they do not have to pay back the money to open up another quickie mart. Can those that read this please tell me where is the justification to this? This is why so many Americans have such a distaste for people of another country. Being BORN here being a citizen here I can not get a grant for my business but a foreigner can come in and in a snap of a finger be granted one? I am not filthy rich I work hard to make ends meat.

Now the Democrats in office want to take it a bit further, once again Sen. Harry Reid will introduce the Dream ACT. The Dream Act sounds nice and loveable doesn’t it? I mean who doesn’t have a dream? So this leaves me with the next question? How can I as an American born citizen apply for the EXACT same benefits a “non” American born person will be entitled to. There is that wonderful word again entitled to since when should someone who is not even born in this great country be more entitled to something over someone who is BORN here?


  1. Steven Bravo says:

    Still trying to figure out how can my son when he gets ready for college can have the exact same benefits and discounted Government loans as the Dream Act would offer?

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