What is a Blogger?

Posted: June 21, 2011 by stevenbrav0 in Common Sense, Steven Bravo Files
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Well to clarify this let me just start from the beginning of things. 1st off a blog to me is where an individual person can rant it they choose, voice their opinions on various topics if they choose, write actual articles if they choose, or post a video or a picture only if they choose. A blog is a wonderful tool for getting out your opinions, if you want to make major grammatical errors while typing your blog “Like this one for example” so what IT IS YOUR BLOG. That is the wonderful thing about blogs it can be a single word like “HI” to a multi page short novel. The concept of blog is to let the “blogger” voice themselves in any way they feel like it.

If you read a blog you do not like then hey guess what? You can move on with your life and never look back, never have to hear of that blogger again “unless that blogger is like Perez Hilton” but your average pro blogger nah you can move on like it is just another day. But the problem with this is that most people who find a blog they “hate” they come back for more they just can not stand it that someone is expressing themselves and disagreeing with them. So everyone that blogs your going to have people who do not agree with you and who will continue to troll your post and leave negative comments, some will even go as far as threatening your life sad but it is true.

I am honored to have Shawn Moorehouse, Oustobama2012 and of course The STR posting on our blog each one of these guys myself included actually have different views on a variety of topics. That is what makes things so interesting to be able to talk with people who have different opinions than yourself.

So if you come across a blog that you do not like then go create your own blog and BLOG ABOUT IT.

– Steven Bravo


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