Pawlenty attacks Romney when he was no where around, yet again knowing that the Former Governor of Massachusetts was not attending the RightOnline conference. This is becoming played out I mean my GAWD Pawlenty had his chance to be a man and confront Gov. Mitt Romney face to face in a DEBATE the debates are their the debates were created for that REASON. But just like how Pawlenty admits he blew it in the New Hampshire debates so has he blown his chance for the Republican Nod.


“If we’re going to have political charges against Barack Obama about health care reform, we better do it with somebody that is not a co-conspirator in the charge,” Pawlenty said, repeating the phrase he’d used previously this week.

What we DO NOT NEED is a President who will say one thing then when crunch time comes to face the music dance to a completely different tune, HELLO we currently have a President who is doing that. This is a good example of someone who will SAY AND DO anything to get elected. ENOUGH OF THE CRAP Pawlenty….

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