Congrats to Ron Paul winning another Straw Poll, Rep. Ron Paul a Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States of America has won another Conference straw poll. But still lacks in the Gallup and Rasmussen polls.

Granted we all Know Rep. Ron Paul polls very high among the far right republicans. The problem though is he polls very very bad with Democrats “Swing Voters” and independents. It takes Independents & those sing voters to win elections. But what is really astonishing is the fact that in the Gallup polls for instance he polls very low among likely Republican voters, but in Straw polls he polls very high.

According to the Ron Paul campaign: “This win is just the latest indicator of how the majority of American opinion is turning in Ron Paul’s direction,” Jesse Benton, chairman of Paul’s campaign, said in a statement.

But I think what they fail to realize is this poll was taken amongst a very small field of far right Republicans and not amongst Independents and swing voters. But none the less Ron Paul supporters should be very proud of their candidates.

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