More and more Democratic powerhouses are coming forward and calling on the circumcision crucifixion of disgraced Representative Anthony Wiener. Sunday June 12th second-ranking House Democrat Rep. Steny Hoyer joined in along with cockeyed Jack Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Rep. Anthony Wieners supporters came out chanting “Leave our Wiener alone” and “We love Wiener”

Typical Liberal ignorance, we all know  you know it and I know it that if this was a Republican all hell would have broken lose in D.C. So once again the Liberals have shown the American people why they are complete failures….They censured out Rep. Charles Rangel (D) for calling Obama a socialist I meant for some money issues, yet they give Rep. Wiener a slap on the wrist and say oh go get some help now.

Please understand that sexting is NOT A DAMN disease that can be cured with some shrink. That whole go get help is a ploy for him to try and keep his seat.


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