Democrats in the House are getting very irritated with Rep. Anthony Wiener to resign. They want him gone this scandal is hurting the party. The thing is I do not blame them, if this was a Republican Representative he/she would have resigned after the 1st week. The worst that can happen is h will be censured like Rep. Rangal was. But for some reason “that reason most likely being Hillary Clinton” the Democratic party seems to be trying to give Rep. Anthony Wiener a pass.

Now I am sure that the Speaker of the House which is a Republican and I am sure you all knew that. Has some kind of power to push an ethics charge or something. The thing is though the Rep. Anthony Wiener scandal is hurting the Democratic party and why would the Republicans do anything to try and make the Democrats look good?

Rep. Anthony Wiener needs to go ahead, resign, write a book, make a movie, star in a reality show, become a political analyst on CNN or HLN.


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