Ok so as the world knows by now that (D) Rep. Anthony Wiener has shown his wiener to the world and has blamed it on a “sexting” problem. I mean TMZ just released 11 new photos of (D) Rep. Wiener in the Congressional gym.

Here is what I think are his motives:

1: (D) Rep. Anthony Wiener was never a real polarizing political figure, he was basically unknown until his twitter account got hacked he personally published pics of himself.
2: (D) Rep. Anthony Wiener apparently has no care in the world about trying to up hold his position as Congressman to a higher standard, if he did then he would not be on the Internet whoring around with 17 yr old girls.
3: (D) Rep. Anthony Wiener knew he was at the pentical of his political career, so he needed to start some controversy to get his name out there. After his stint in office “because we all know he is not going to resign” he will then write a book, make a movie and make millions upon millions of dollars on this bull Shizz.


That I think is his motives.


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