Tell that to the people who are loosing their jobs..loosing their damn homes…tell that to those that do have jobs may not have health insurance due to YOUR VERY OWN OBAMACARE Mr. President….But as long as they allow same sex marriages and abortions and as long as people get their food stamp cards next month who cares right? I mean why even worry about all this when we can all just live off the Government have no worries have not a care in the world…

President Barack Obama insists that the country is not at risk of slipping into a double-dip recession, but he concedes he does not know whether a sudden slowdown in job growth is a blip or an indication of a more worrisome trend.

  1. wordkitty says:

    The reason job numbers fell last month is that Congress hasn’t raised the debt ceiling yet. Who in their right mind would want to expand their business before that gets straightened out?

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