HERE IS YOUR DAMN ANSWER BELOW….SMALL BUSINESSES CAN NOT AFFORD OBAMACARE. But as long as we have same sex marriages and food stamps and free this and free that and help this and help that country everything is ok right? WRONG…I am glad that the dummies running the Democratic party and the dummies running the Obama re-election campaign are zeroing in on all these non sense social issues and are leaving the economy alone. See Obama is for big Government. When has Government created Private sector jobs? All Government does is issue more and more regulation on top of regulation that makes it harder for “companies that actually hire people”  to break even. So what they do is lay people off…They down size in order to make a profit…If your in business and your not making a profit then why in the hell are you in business for? Other countries know this and see this and are getting our companies in their countries which in turn BRING WORK TO THEIR PEOPLE…..So all you environmentalist and all you people who think that the American dream is a food stamp card and a few 3rd world level medical attention need to pull your heads out of your a**….

Thirty percent of employers will definitely or probably stop offering health benefits to their employees once the main provisions of President Obama’s federal health care law go into effect in 2014.


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