Ron Paul admits to failure..Why Vote for Failure?

Posted: June 5, 2011 by The STR in Barack Obama Files, Mitt Romney Files, Political NEWS & VEIWS, Ron Paul Files, The ISSUES
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Why Vote for Ron Paul? Why vote for someone who admits failure? Havn’t we had enough failure already?


  1. ephraiyim says:

    Mitt Romney is a puppet. He will do what his NWO masters tell him to. If someone with Ron Paul’s principals does not win this country will become a completely totalitarian war state.
    George Orwell would have recognized Romney right away as a good candidate to become “Big Brother”.
    He is an expert at Newspeak and doublethink. Romney is at the bottom of any list for a good person let alone a good potential presidential candidate.
    BTW the only reason Ron Paul has failed in his efforts is because of all the sell outs in Congress. Most have no morals or principals except to make sure they are wealthy and happy. Ya can’t work with a bunch of assholes to get anything accomplished when they are all in it for themselves.

    • The STR says:

      Why vote for someone that you KNOW WILL NEVER BECOME PRESIDENT????

    • Petra Somsen says:

      Ron Paul has stood on the same principals since the beginning. The posted video is one that gives the idea that he is a failure. This is certainly not true. He votes against bad policies, even if the popular vote is for them. My sentiments are the same as ephariyim, You might want to look into this a little further and come to the winning side.

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