Obama has made a huge mess outta the middle east, we are on the verge of sending our troops there. That is the way it is looking and if that happens then Obama’s re-election bid will go down the toilet. Now you have to be a complete idiot to think we do not have the CIA over there helping the “rebels” who in turn want to see every American citizens head chopped off. This is exactly what happen in Iraq/Afghanistan during Carters Presidency. Look what happen there, we trained Al Qaeda who in turn uses that training to blow up the Twin Towers. So we train these idiots they then turn in 10-20yrs and attack us killing us. Please tell me what sense this makes?

The house of Representatives just passed Speaker Boehner‘s resolution accusing the president of failing to provide ‘compelling rationale’ for mission in Libya and rebuking Obama for lacking congressional approval.

The very same thing Obama condemned Bush over he is now doing. More Liberal double standardism….


  1. Normally I am pretty happy with most of your comments (except your support for Morris), but I fail to grasp how you came to these conclussions.

    “Obama has made a huge mess outta the middle east, we are on the verge of sending our troops there. That is the way it is looking …. ”

    In actualluity US foreign policy in general has been at its best, only domestically does Obama have questions to answer for. The US reaction to Libya has been the only course possible and no there will be no troops on the ground, if any do arrive they will be French, Italian or perhaps Moroccan or Algerian. We all know that the CIA, the French DSG and others are on the ground, that is both assumed by everyone and logical.

    I find the comment that you said later on that these rebels would want to chop off heads as being rather naive if not arrogant and I hope that it has to do with some form of humour.

    If you read and learn anything about the events in Libya and in fact the Arab Spring in general you will find that Islamists and Al Qaeda -ie the terrorists, have had nothing to do with these events at all, not like in Iraq or even remotely like it.

    The Tunisian, Egyptian, the current Libyan and the Syrian revolts come from the basic population sick and tired of autocratic dictators who steal and murder their own population. The Maghreb Nations (NW Africa) of which Tunisia and Libya are a part, have had little to do with Islamists and if anything have been rejected by the population outright.

    The fact is that the intelligent move by the US Administration was to support, be active but limit the activity in Libya to guarentee there is not even the slightest hint of “Evil Empire” dominating and invading.

    The other fact, which was lost in your comment (and dissapointing so) is that Islamists and “I want to fight America” exists only in a certain part and in certain regions of the Muslim world and the rest either do not care, like America or have no opinion because the greatness of the country was so badly tarnished by years of incompitent and arrogant “American Exceptionalism” at its worst which US State Department officials have now to work their butts off to repair.

    • The STR says:

      lol Well friend hell we can’t always agree on everything now can we lol……..I enjoy reading your input…..

      • That is the important thing, right? The ability to agree to disagree and not cut off heads…….

        I certainly enjoy your site and the ability to agree or disagree.

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