E-mail sent to me from Republican Party of Florida…Nothing special these get sent to lot’s of people..I simply will sometimes post the one sent to me…Good news Florida awesome news…Gov. Scott has Florida going on the right track….

Dear Stephen,

Did you watch Game 2 between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks? I attended the game and brought along several executives from companies that are considering relocating to Florida.

Attracting these new businesses to Florida means more jobs!

During the campaign I promised I would be Florida’s Chief Economic Development Officer, and I am making good on that promise by actively recruiting companies to do business here in Florida. I know that this is what we need to jump start our economy and get Florida back to work.

Join with me in turning up the Heat on job creation here in Florida by visiting my Facebook page and leaving a supportive comment.

We are on our way to beating the Texas-based Mavericks team and doing all the right things to surpass them as the #1 state for job creation and economic growth!

Let’s get to work and Go Heat!

Governor Rick Scott


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