Obama Disrespects Joplin Tornado Victims

Posted: May 30, 2011 by The STR in Barack Obama Files, Common Sense, Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Well as long as he gives out food stamps and pays peoples rent who cares right???

Classy as always… Obama sits in front row and chews gum during the sermon at the Joplin Memorial Service.
Maybe he learned this at his Trinity Church?

  1. The gum chewing was a mistake that is for sure, my guess is with a list of a dozen activities (and trying to kick the smoking habit) he would not have even realized and it is his aides that screwed-up.

    Comments by some that he should have canned his trip in Europe are wrong though, for a number of simple and clear reasons. The first is that his visits (other than Ireland) were long-planned State Visits which have countless important national reasons. Combined with the added point that he would not have turned up in Joplin for the first five days anyhow – because that would have put strain on the already hard-hit Joplin infrastructure and emergency effort – combine to certainly not stop his activities as they were planned. He was, of course, given full briefings and able to provide instruction at any time.

    The bottom line is, as always, note the vid clip source – Fox which of course will always search for a scandal. One of Churchill’s famous quotes that is always avoided by the extreme-right whom quote him all the time is “if one searches endlessly for something then you will most certainly find it – even when it is not there”.

    D Charles QC

  2. stkerr says:

    Did he disrespect them? No. Did any of them feel disrespected? Not that I have heard.

    So many people sit back and watch from a distance, pointing out everything wrong that has happened in this disaster scenerio. We point out the little things that really don’t make a difference, details of a larger picture that doesn’t make since becasue we cannot see it.

    I’ve been working in the VRC on the MSSU campus, alongside hundreds of thousands of volunteers who have never complained once of the support and hope that has poured forth from the community, from the nation. To say that they were disrespected, when you havn’t spent the past week in their presence, is more than wrong.

    He gave them more than food stamps and money to help rebuild, but hope and something to look towards.

    God Bless and PEACE

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