Jimmy Cefalo: “What do you think of the President’s comments the other day? Did he simply bury the lede in not mentioning land swaps earlier on in that speech?”

Senator Rubio: “Well, first of all, when you’re the President of the United States, we can’t afford for you to make statements that are misunderstood. So, let’s suppose statements were misunderstood; that in and of itself is a mistake. This is a very dangerous region in the world. Israel lives in a terrible neighborhood of very violent neighbors, and it’s important, especially at this critical time with everything else that’s happening in the region, that all the enemies of Israel clearly understand that the United States is committed to their security. And so, I don’t think the President was misunderstood. I think it was very clear that he thought the 1967 lines were the starting point of negotiations, and then he talked about land swaps. But the biggest land swap of all is Jerusalem, which I think should be off the table because that is the capital of Israel. Or should be the capital of Israel and is for the Israeli people. So, I think what the President said the other day was very unfortunate, and the fact that he had to backtrack from it on Sunday proves that. And the fact that the Majority Leader in the Senate, the Democratic Leader Harry Reid, yesterday completely distanced himself from it proves that the President should not have said that last Thursday.”

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