Huckabee withdrawal helps Romney…kinda.

Posted: May 20, 2011 by The STR in NEWS & LOCAL NEWS
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Governor Mitt Romney of MA

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I was asked this question today….They wanted to know “Beings Huckabee has announced he is not seeking the Republican nomination, would that help or hurt Mitt Romney?”

Well it definitely did not hurt Romney it is just 1 less person he and his camp has to contend with. But it also was not a huge deal. See while I believe whole hearty that Romney will capture the nomination both these guys really appeal to 2 separate parts of the Republican party. Huckabee appeals to more of the “Social” Conservative those that think politics should be ran out of the new testament of the bible. Mitt Romney appeals a little bit more to the fiscal conservative. While both parts are very important in winning the nomination. What is the hot topic of today? What is most Americans worried about? Not just Republicans but Democrats as well. THE ECONOMY people are highly concerned with the way the Economy is falling to pieces.

I think in a 1 on 1 match up Romney would have no problems with Huckabee because while social issues are important they are NOT the most important issue of today.

But the question is…Will Huckabee endorse Romney? I think Huckabee will end up endorsing Tim Pawlenty over everyone else..He could even end up campaigning for him because lord knows he damn sure needs it……


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