Obama said that all troops would be out of Iraq by August 31st 2010…We are now almost in August of 2011 and still no troop with drawl….

Don’t take my word for it…take his..

REASON NUMBER 4: (Obamacare)

Majority of Americans both Republican & Democrat sent a huge wake up call to Washington DC. In the midterm elections of 2010…That message was REPEAL AND REPLACE Obamacare….What does Obama say to that? He fights it tooth and nail…

REASON NUMBER 3: (Gulf Oil Spill)

Millions of gallons of oil was spilling out into the gulf..What was Obama’s response? “What do you want me to do, get down with a straw and suck it out?” YES MR. PRESIDENT …He criticized Bush on Katrina well the Gulf Oil Spill is Obama’s Katrina…….

REASON NUMBER 2: (Huge deficit)

Obama said that by the end of his 1st term he would cut the deficit in half….He has almost doubled it since he has been in office……14 TRILLION dollars…..


This is Obama’s Achilles’ heel this is why you do not hear Obama speaking about the most important issues of today…The American people are hurting bad and yet he talks about immigration reform (WHICH DOES NOT CREATE JOBS) He is talking about the Middle East (WHICH DOES NOT CREATE JOBS) he is talking about all these topics but he has yet to talk about the economy why? BECAUSE HE KNOWS HIS STIMULUS PLAN WAS A FAILURE.. HE KNOWS THAT HE HAS FAILED TO CREATE THE 1ST JOB….THE AMERICAN VOTER IS PISSED…Granted Obama looks ok in the polls now because of Usama…But those numbers are dropping fast…The American workers you know the “middle” class are the ones hurting they are also the ones that will NOT vote for 4 MORE YEARS OF OBAMA….

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    I hope and pray that it is so!

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