The big cahunas: No more corporations.

Posted: May 16, 2011 by The STR in Common Sense, NEWS & LOCAL NEWS, Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Picture yourself living with some in-laws, just follow me now! Your in-laws are always gripping and complaining and nagging on you. There is nothing you can do but take it I mean after all you are living under their roof. They keep on and keep on until one day you decide, hey I am sick of putting up with all this nagging and gripping, I am gong to move out. So you move out.

Well that is exactly what corporations end up doing, the liberals want to gripe because of them getting some chump change tax break then turn right back around and cry and blame everyone but themselves for their being no JOBS. Without our corporations we HAVE no jobs, now I know we have many people who run and own small business but the corporations employee huge amount of people with some kind of income. Remember the old saying “Never bite the damn hand that feeds ya”.

The Liberals remind me of some nagging ass old woman, all they do is gripe and complain trying to control something they can’t. I honestly do not blame many of these companies for leaving the USA. I blame those in power who want to tax them into oblivion to help support some doomed social program.

WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE…………… The PVT. Sector creates jobs Big Govt. DOES NOT…….


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