There is nothing more that I dislike then someone who says one thing and does another. John Boehner is nothing more then the male version of Nancy Pelosi. She rubber stamped every single thing that Obama handed her and now it seems that John Boehner is doing the exact same thing.

John Boehner is now saying that it is imperative that we raise the debt ceiling. When just a week ago he was saying it wasn’t. John Boehner is taking the American voters as a joke and this is going to cost him and probably many Republicans as well. Just when you thought the party was heading back to it’s roots with smaller Govt. and financial responsibility. Raising the debt ceiling is like getting a higher credit line when you still in debt. It is disastrous and not called for, in watching this all unfold is like watching a circus act. President Obama is acting more Republican then John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. This is very disturbing to say the least.

If you raise the debt ceiling all your going to do is keep borrowing money from places like CHINA, then you will have to raise the debt ceiling again then again. The Liberals biggest argument is that “we have to invest in America” but what they do not tell you is exactly what in the hell they are investing in. What are they investing the taxpayers money in? Why can’t they tell us what they are investing in? More questions than answers is all you get when dealing with these idiots.

The people that was sent to stand up for the American taxpayers are the ones that are just rubber stamping everything Obama sends them. When will these politicians realize that the way of Washington has changed. Boehner claims that the house of reps. is the peoples house but yet he does exactly the opposite of what the people want. We will be following this developing story very closely and watching what Republicans vote to increase Obama’s charge card. The democrats will automatically drop to one knee waiting to be anointed by the “all mighty” one. But the Republicans who do this will only be going against everything they campaign for and basically be pulling an Obama of 2008, basket full of promises, hope and change but instead give is a basket full of BULL S**T….


  1. loopyloo305 says:

    I am more and more thinking it is time for a third party. The Republicans are just ignoring what we want!

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