Leave it to the Liberal media to claim John Ensign is a creep. He is just as damn human as I am and as the people who write for the Washington Post.

“What is it about reasonably good-looking men in elective office who think the rules the rest of us live by do not apply to them? Oh, and they think they won’t get caught. We saw this with disgraced former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.). Now we’re seeing it in full Jackie Collins-style glory in disgraced former senator John Ensign (R-Nev.).” – Johnathan Capehart

1st off if I decided to cheat on someone I am not drug in front of some ridiculous panel and probed to death for my choice, so that rules the rest of us DOES NOT APPLY to the rest of us.

So if someone decides to cheat on their spouse it is everyone else business? Granted I understand he is a Senator and even though they are human are supposed to act and walk Christ like? If your in public office you have to be perfect in very aspect? Why then Mr. Johnathan Capehart do we not HAVE a perfect society now? Why is the US economy tanking to the level of the USSR in the 80’s?

The topics that these idiots in the Liberal press decide to write about are nothing less of BULL SHIT. The same goes for all the time and money wasted on “exposing” Sen. John Ensign as being a “creep” when we have families starving in the damn streets. People are with out jobs and all you care about is how a man got his rocks off? WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE…………


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