Ivana Trump ECSTATIC! Former HUBBBY Donald Trump may run for President

Posted: May 12, 2011 by The STR in Donald Trump Files
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Ivana Trump departs the 10th Annual Angel Ball...

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“When we called Ivana‘s spokeswoman, Catherine Saxton, to run our source’s account by her, she clarified her client’s position on the subject, but confirmed her concern.

“Ivana is very much for it,” Saxton said, referring to a Trump presidential run. “She thinks he’d be a great president, and if he wins, he’ll run the country like a business.”

That said, Saxton added that “What [Ivana] said is that it would be tough on the family because, if and when he runs, they will be under more scrutiny.

“There will be more paparazzi, more reporters and, therefore, less privacy,” she said. “They will be digging into everything. But none the less I am Ecstatic he may run! ”

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