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St. LouisAnn Wagner today announced she has formed an exploratory committee, the first step toward launching a campaign for U.S. Congress.  Wagner said she is exploring a possible race for Congress in the likely event Missouri‘s Second Congressional District becomes an open seat in 2012.

“My concern for the future of our country, our families and my home region is the reason I’m announcing an exploratory committee for U.S. Congress. The 2nd Congressional District is the place where my husband Ray and I grew up, went to school, raised our children, work and go to church.  Now the future of the people and the place that we love is being threatened by failed leadership in Washington that is dragging us down a path of ruin.

“With our freedoms and values under siege in Washington, I’ve been saying ‘enough is enough.’  The Obama Administration and Washington liberals are taxing too much, spending too much and they are stifling job creation in our home region and across the country as a result.


This has not been approved by Ann Wagner for Congress…This is simply a blog…


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