President Obama once again proves that he is all that Trump has called him. I went to his “campaign” website to read about his stance on the issues but yet and still as it was in 2008 there is ZERO issues there. It says “Sorry, the page you’re looking for isn’t here. Keep checking the blog for the latest from the campaign as we continue to provide new content, tools, and opportunities to get involved.”

So it appears that he will be running on the format of “HOPE & CHANGE” this is why Obama will be VOTED the hell out in 2012.

  1. No he wont.
    The World doesn’t need more Republicans in control. Crazed libertarian fundamentalist Christianity needs to stay the hell away from politics. It is dangerous on so many levels.

    Obama will be re-elected. Easily.

    • The STR says:

      Then what is his plan to change the economy? What is his plan on Immigration? All Obama does is give the exact same speech recycled over and over. Maybe you could go and write a plan for him…It would better then what he’s got now….

  2. The STR says:

    Oh yeah BTW Obama has already began dropping in the polls, 26% of Americans polled from Rasmussen approve of the job Obama is doing…While (34%) of Americans polled DIS-APPROVE BTW the Parentheses mean NEGATIVE…giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -8 …

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