The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on Friday that the number of unemployed persons was 3.7 million. The unemployment rate edged up from 8.8% to 9.0% percent over the month but was .8% percentage points lower than in November. The labor force also was little changed in April.

In response, Washington reacted to the new figures with mixed reviews. The head of the BLS Keith Hall presented the final numbers for April at a Joint Economic Committee hearing, following the release of the employment report.

So what exactly has Obama accomplished? Besides killing some old Terrorist? REALLY? They want us to re-elect the most failed Administration in the history of the United States all because the President gave the order to kill? What is wrong with the Democratic party? The Democratic party that I used to respect? Who has taken the Democratic party and ripped it up and glued it back together half ass? The EXTREME far left has corrupted this party beyond repair.

They actually think that it is ok that we have $5 a gal gasoline, they think that 13.5 million Americans (that’s just the one that actually filed for un-employment benefits, not counting the millions of other Americans who have filed for benefits) These are the same political party who think that a 14 trillion deficit is a GOOD thing, these are the same people who want to RAISE the debt ceiling so they can spend more money they do not have and reach 20 trillion debt. This is unbelievable all because we have a black President who people think is the coming messiah. Honestly this is quite ridiculous, this is the same party who crammed a 700 billion dollar stimulus down the throat of the American tax payer (that has FAILED) this is the exact same party that passed a health care law in which FORCES every American to BUY insurance of some kind therefore benefiting no one other then the insurance companies. And they think we are supposed to vote and re-elect Barack Osama?

What the Democratic leadership has done is 9-11’ed our damn economy and the people who support them APPALUDE the destruction of our economy NO WONDER company’s have fled this country. I do not blame them one damn bit.

But because Barack Hussein Obama being a Liberal President can get away with doing nothing to jump start this economy, he claimed in one of his speeches in 2010 that “The Republicans want us to give the keys back to them so they can run the car off in the ditch” The damn car was never going down the road because Obama could not figure out how to even unlock the damn door. This is what is so amazing to me the more he talks and the more he gives speeches the MORE people want him out of office. The same thing that happen to Nancy Pelosi is going to happen to Barack Obama in 2012..OUSTED FROM POWER…


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