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Herman Cain went down to South Carolina and entered into a Debate and he isn’t sure if he even is going to run? THIS is the kind of clowning around that really is hurting the Republican chances in 2012. You know Trump is toying with the possibility of running but this guy. Herman Cain has formed an exploratory committee, went on to debate 4 other hopefuls, and still has not decided to run?

What the hell is wrong with these clowns? Listen the time to start exposing the far left is now. The time is for us to stop with all the tom foolery and get to business. It seems like all of the potential Republican Nominees want Obama to win re-election. They are moving so slow in this campaign cycle. I have never in my life seen such BS when it comes to Presidential elections before in my life. Are these guys really that damn slow to understand that why they “pussy” foot around Obama is swathing a path across America everyday making it harder and harder to BEAT HIM. None of the 5 in the South Carolina debate could ever draw 5 points against Obama none the less even think of beating him.

This is ridiculous to say the least, And to think Herman Cain has not even decided if he wants to run? THEN WTF ARE YOU DOING ON STAGE PLAYING MAKE BELIEVE THEN?

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