Herman Cain

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Ok so I have blogged about this guy a few times before but yet he just does not get no traction with me. Now it seems people are pointing to some old article he wrote supporting TARP
aka (Troubled Asset Relief Program). Listen there was a huge problem with over zealous people buying houses without reading the fine print. MAY RAISE INTEREST RATES AT ANYTIME. So thinking “Oh they won’t do that” People started buying nice houses up left and right. Well as history tells us when the housing bubble burst guess what happened? THE INTEREST RATES WENT THROUGH THE ROOF. And the people simply could not afford those prices so what do you got? TOXIC assets, in which then led to the SMC (subprime mortgage crisis).

So millions of people are left scratching their heads going WTF do we do now, the Banks/mortgage companies start foreclosing on people. Now listen I am one who believes in the old phrase (take responsibility for your own actions). But it is not all the consumers fault, they banks were giving loans out to basically anybody that walked through the damn door, they got very careless and RISKY. So it is a mixture of peoples ignorance and the Banks stupidity for allowing just anyone to get a mortgage.

The problem is though it did not stop their when it should have, next you got stimulus “which by the way” FAILED after stimulus, Bush is just as much to blame as Obama is.

So while I do not think that this is an issue for Herman Cain people especially from the left will make it an issue while letting Obama skate by and ignoring the fact that he is just as much to blame for this economical mess as Bush was.

But Herman Cain will not win the Republican nomination anyways so does it really matter? You be the judge of that one…

  1. J Roycroft says:

    Now that Herman Cain has the attention of the liberal media, he can expect them to begin their preliminary assault in an effort to stop him before he gets a good foot hold in his campaign. I know Herman, and he is not the type of guy that will be personally affected by media lies and propaganda. Cain is on his march and no one is going to slow him down.

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