Newt Gingrich

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So many times we hear how President Clinton had such a great economical handle of things, the progressives Liberals, for so long have tried to compare this time in Americas history with his predecessor President George W. Bush. There are only a few select instances the progressives Liberals can actually go back to and reference and this is one of those instances.

But what the progressives Liberals NEVER EVER mention is it was Newt Gingrich who was speaker of the House of Representatives who FORCED Clinton to sit the hell down at the budget table. Did you people FORGET? The contract with America? Do you even know what the Contract with America even is?

During Gingrich’s term as Speaker, Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed the 1996 reform of welfare, a capital gains tax cut and the first balanced budget since 1969. And the creation of as many as 8.4 million new jobs and the lowest rate of growth in government spending (2.9%) in several decades.

NEWT knows how to get the job done and the rest of the “Potential” Republican Presidential candidates better take him VERY serious… He could very easily sweep the Republican primaries and very easily topple this current President in a sweeping majority…

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