With the death of Osama Bin Laden behind us huge debates on our roll in Afghanistan and Iraq are now resurfacing, may in fact be a HUGE game changer in the up coming 2012 election.

This was once a debate that completely dominated the political sphere not just in the United States but through out the world as well. This could very well once again over shadow the current economical debate that is/has dominated the political sphere in Washington D.C.

This of course is all up to the American People alone, I personally do not see this happening though, The majority of the American people are worried if they can pay their bills next month. While this is a very important issue the economical issues MUST take precedence over the foreign affairs issue.

If the country turns it’s focus off of the economical issues and start turning to the foreign affairs issues then Barack Obama will win reelection in 2012. But if Americans remain on the issue of economical stability then we will have a new President in 2012 and that is I think what a lot of people deep down inside want. It is time to hold Government accountable and no more passing the damn buck.


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